Monday, May 21, 2018

Applying Biblical Principles to Health and Healing

Hello again!

Are you struggling with physical symptoms such as digestive upset, food intolerances, unstable moods, low energy, sleep disruption, lethargy, skin/hair/nails issues, allergies, imbalances?  Has your mental health become depressed, anxious, or unregulated?  Do you just want to feel better again but dont want to take a handful of pills???

Applying Biblical Principles to Health and Wellness Christian Counseling Coon Rapids, MN

Give Rachel a call at Shekinah Wellness!  

Rachel provides holistic health services including: 
  • comprehensive lab testing 
  • bionetic body stress scan
  • health recovery plans
  • laser therapy
  • natural remedies, supplements, nutrition and other methods
  • a personalized nutritional plan to meet your specific needs 
  • spiritual and emotional guidance.

Give Rachel a call today at 763-923-8112 or check her out on the web at

"Applying Biblical Principles to Health and Healing"