Thursday, November 19, 2009

He is the great physician!

In my work I see all kinds of broken people. I also know the location of many unchecked and unchallenged predators in my community. It is very hard to have this kind of information. I see the community and people in it very different than others because of this. I am cynical about people, men, in general because I see so much anger, abuse and the scramble to aquire power. I know not all men are predators and this knowledge allows me to go out my door every day and face this world but I also know there are many among us who should not be trusted who are lying in wait for opportunity. This morning on my way to work I was thinking on this and just taking it all in and trying to understand. My mind thought, "how can God love us [people] knowing all our secrets and our corruption?" We are exposed to Him and yet He still loves us!? All of us who think we are really good and really cleaned up and really, we're not. He sees us too. So from the best of the sinners to the worst of the sinners God is not fooled. He is aware of the totality of our corruption and yet He remains faithful. What is with that? How could anyone love a person with a compulsive addiction to pornography or a person who is drunk night and day and hurts their family or how about the office person who complains about everything and gossips about whoever is not in the room. Yuck! I've been in this category of sinner. Ouch, my pride wants to defend myself and say "well, I'm all better now. It's those other people who need to hear this! I'm doing this for them." Riigghht! No, I'm writing this for me to me and anyone who is struggling to understand. Then, I thought, maybe... God sees us how I see my broken clients?! When someone is telling me their story I feel compassion, empathy and concern. I want for them to experience a full life. I want them to run free of fear and anger and shame and know the love of God for themselves and for their fellow humans. I want them to experience the building process where God becomes sweet in their suffering and they realize the awesomeness of Grace and redemption. The falling, the rising, the falling and rising again. On and on until one day they awake to...You love me! You really love me! No matter what. And I love you, God no matter what! I see now you were there all along. I see how you fashioned me and guided my steps and protected my life. And then... a romance between us and our maker. Guys, that might feel kind of yucky. Sorry about that. For you, a strong and assuring adult love between a father and his beloved son. So then, I realized if I can shepard those I care for how much more would God shepard and love us knowing our corruption? He must be able to see sin in such a way as to see us seperate from it or in spite of it. Maybe to Him sin is a disease of the soul and He is the Great Physician! Jesus sent to this world to bring the message that the Dr. is in and He is excited to see you today!