Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Banana Duck

Are you stuck in a rut of cynicism, negativity, or just burdened down with worries or concerns?

Did you know that our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor?  He does.  Let me tell you a story.  Yesterday began as every other day.  The alarm, uuuugh, shower, calling out kid names to keep them on task, racing around to get ready for work, driving one to school, coming back to finish running around, fixing lunches and having a cup of coffee. 

There's a duck in that tree!

Well my last two kids and myself finally made it to the truck to be off for the day.  My daughter says, "Mom! There's a duck in a tree!"  Of course, Im like, whaaa?  "Theres a duck in a tree!"  She's pointing.  "It's up there Mom!  Its over the neighbors house!"  I tried but I could not spy it.  The trees are very tall, towering many feet over the house.  I got out of the truck and looked up and there I saw it!  It was a mallard literally sitting up in the top of a tree, out on a branch, looking right at us!  It was like he was smiling at us.  He had to have been because it was so crazy!  We all broke out laughing!  My son was eating a banana and so he blurts out, "Its a banana duck!"  Then we laughed more. 

Banana Duck God's Joy Christian Recovery Counseling Coon Rapids, MN

Finding Joy in the little things

Well, things got serious next because we began our daily prayer on the way to school.  Everyone takes a turn.  As I listened to my children pray I wondered, what do I need to pray for today?  The Holy Spirit whispered, "Look.  Im in charge of that duck.  I put him there to show you that even I have a sense of humor.  Don't get so caught up in seriousness and schedules and human functioning that you cannot see the humor around you and experience joy!  Thank Me for the banana duck!"  And so,  when it was my turn to pray I gave thanks for the banana duck and Gods great sense of weirdness and humor and His will that our hearts experience laughter and joy and not get bogged down in struggles.

Struggles are real and the pain they produce is also real, but Gods greatness and His world is so awesome and His people so special there has to be something you can find today that can bring even a twinkle of joy into your heart!  It will be a choice you make to see God in the midst of your pain, your struggle, your testing.  He's there friend!  Reach out to Him.

Proverbs 16:15 "When the king smiles, there is life; his favor refreshes like a spring rain" (NLT). 

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